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Maximize Your Investment

Tree Pruning and Maintenance

Trees are often the most valuable component of your landscape investment and deserve the care of an experienced arborist. Properly maintained trees with correct branch structure and form add a plethora of direct benefits including moderating climate, improving air quality, conserving water, and harboring wildlife.

Earthwise Arborists maintains four Certified Arborists on staff. Employees continually receive training and assessments to ensure that all tree care conforms to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A300 standards which promote the health and proper structure of trees.

Choose Your Maintenance Partner Carefully

Saving money by hiring the lowest bidder, often results in indiscriminate cutting or "topping" of trees. This practice destroys the natural form of the tree and leads to branch die-back and decay. Topping activates latent buds, forcing the rapid growth of multiple weakly attached shoots just below each cut. These new shoots greatly increase the risk of potential liability due to branch failure.

Improper Pruing Causes More Problems

When pruning, each cut has the potential to change the future growth of a tree so an understanding of how the tree will respond is very important. Improper pruning can cause damage that remains for the life of the tree, thus, no branch should be removed without a reason, and no more than 25% of the canopy should be removed in any one year.

Know When To Prune

Acceptable reasons to prune trees include improving tree structure and form, removing dead, weak, or diseased limbs that pose a hazard, increasing light penetration, and providing clearance for wires, buildings and pedestrians.