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Proper Diagnosis is Key

Tree Health Services

Diagnosing tree problems requires a combination of knowledge, experience, and keen observation. Identifying the insect or disease that may be visible on the affected tree is not enough.

Trees that die or decline usually are suffering from a combination of stress factors. Often, one or more less obvious underlying disorders, induces stress upon the tree. The underlying disorder compromises the tree’s health, reducing its defenses, making it a suitable host for insects and disease.

Tree stress is often caused by such things as poor water management, compacted soil, pollution damage, chemical or mechanical injury, and competition with other trees for sunlight and available soil nutrients.

Tree Health

Comprehensive Tree Care

Our experienced arborists can examine the entire tree from root tips to tree top and recommend a course of action to restore the affected tree to a healthy condition.

Our staff of International Society of Arborculture (ISA) Certified Arborists are highly trained and ready to serve you in all your tree care needs. We utilize sustainable arbor-care practices to protect, treat, remove, and replace trees as needed.

We will assist with new tree planting and proper species selection based on growth characteristics, soil type, pH and drainage, light levels, temperature extremes, and the intended function in the landscape.

Earthwise can provide detailed tree maintenance programs, prepare detailed arborists reports for tree health and risk assessments, and provide written guidelines for the protection and preservation of trees in all types of construction settings.